With the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, keeping a large IT infrastructure is an increasingly difficult challenge nowadays. And the more mobile devices get deployed to employees, the larger the attack surface for the bad guys.

Cybersecurity expert Jérôme Jacob (SMILE - Security Made in Luxembourg) recognizes that the majority of the risks is coming from human behavior and that technological solutions, even if absolutely necessary, only take care of about 20% of the security threats faced by large organizations.

Hackers only need to be lucky once. Organizations need to win 100% of the time!
— Martin Overton, Cyber Risks specialist at AIG

To increase your chances of keeping your IT infrastructure safe, your employees need to:

  1. Be aware of the risks and major threats so that they can recognize them

  2. Acquire the right reflexes when faced with potential security threats

  3. Acquire the right reflexes in case something bad actually happens

So the big question is: How many of your employees have been properly trained?

Proposed solution:

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Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the different security threats faced when using an iPhone or iPad

  2. Understand and put in practice effective prevention and mitigation techniques

  3. Understand what to do and be able to react appropriately after a security incident


  1. The 4 major security threats faced by iPhone/iPad owners

  2. 7 effective prevention and mitigation tactics to keep your iPhone/iPad safe

  3. What to do after a security incident involving your iPhone/iPad or Apple account

  4. The drill: Exercises simulating real life security risks and issues

  5. Questions & feedback

Language: English or French

Duration: 4 hours (incl. breaks)

Participants: Minimum 6 - Maximum 12

Location: On-site or off-site (Luxembourg only)

Prerequisite: iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 10


Price per participant (excl. VAT):

150€ (Off-site) / 100€ (On-site)


Payment is due 30 days before the workshop - Price includes a training booklet.

No refunds in case of no shows or cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event.

In case of refund after payment, a voucher will be emitted and valid for 12 months.

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