How to navigate quicker in Safari on your iPhone

In this post, I will show you how to navigate quicker through the page history in Safari (approx. 1 minute reading time).

When you want to go through the history of a particular tab in Safari, you usually click or tap multiple times on the icons which looks like "<" and ">" (top left on a Mac and iPad or bottom left on iPhone) until you reach the page that you're looking for.

Did you know that by doing a long press on the same icon, you're then presented with the complete navigation history for this particular tab?

Handy, isn't?

Thanks to this trick, you don't need to guess anymore, you can easily choose which particular page you'd like to navigate to, in a single additional click or tap.

Here’s a quick demo on iPhone:


And you, how often do you use this tip with Safari on your iPhone?

Just let me know in the comments!

<--Add a dash before the > on this line to activate the language selector with flags->