How to reduce distractions in Safari on your iPhone

In this post, I will show you how to temporarily hide distractions and undesired content when reading articles with Safari.

Let's take the website as example; alongside each article, you will often see advertisements, share icons (Facebook,Twitter, etc.), related articles and whatnot.


All this information is:

  1. perturbing the reading experience

  2. totally unwelcome when printing the article either on paper or directly into a PDF.

The feature that can help us solve those 2 problems is called "Safari Reader View", and you can notice its presence via 4 horizontal lines on the left side of the address bar.


The caveat here is that it's not available for every website, however when it is, you can activate it by clicking or tapping on its icon.

When activated, only the text of the main article becomes visible and a slew of options become available to you (via the icon "aA")

  • Increase and decrease the font size

  • Choose the text and background color

  • Choose the font among a predefined group

Please note that altering those settings are only "sticky" within one domain, meaning that they are preserved between different articles for the same website, not across different websites.

Another great feature of the Reader View is the compatibility with the default sharing options of Safari, including print and mail. On iOS 9 and up, it's even possible to convert the article in PDF format and save it directly into iBooks.

Here’s a quick demo on iPhone:


And you, how often do you access the Safari Reader view on your iPhone?

Just let me know in the comments!

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