How to write an e-mail across multiple Apple devices

In this post, I will show you how to start an email (or a reply) on one Apple device and continue/finish it on another one.

In Apple's jargon, this feature is called "Handoff" and it works with various applications besides Mail, like Safari, Messages, etc.

Here are the requirements for it to work:

  1. Your devices need to be compatible:

  2. The following conditions need to be met:

    • Bluetooth is enabled on both devices

    • Both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network

    • Both devices are signed in iCloud with the same Apple ID

    • The same email accounts are defined in Mail on both devices

    • Both devices are near each other (a couple of meters apart maximum)

Scenario 1: Start an email on a Mac or iPad and continue it on iPhone

To pick up where you left off on an iPhone running iOS 11 and up:

  1. unlock your iPhone

  2. access the multitasking screen:

    • iPhone X, XR, XS & XS Max: Swipe up slowly from the bottom edge of the screen then stop when you see all the opened apps

    • iPhone with a home button: Double-click on the home button

  3. tap on the bubble with the mail from your other device

If your iPhone is still running iOS 10 or earlier, you can swipe up from the bottom left corner of your lock screen as well.

MP12 Mail Handoff from Mac 800px.png

Scenario 2: Start an email on iPhone or Mac and continue it on iPad

If your iPad is running iOS 10 or earlier, you can also swipe up from the bottom left corner of the lock screen.

Since iOS 11, an additional Mail icon will appear at the right of the dock:

MP12 iOS 11 iPad Air 2 - Mail Handoff from iPhone or Mac Annotated 800px.png

Scenario 3: Start an email on iPhone/iPad and continue it on a Mac

As soon as you start a new message or select an existing email on your iPhone, a separate Mail icon will appear on the left side of your dock (or at the top if it's located vertically).

Simply click on this icon to start Mail on your Mac and continue the selected e-mail from where you were on your iPhone:

How to continue an email on a Mac when started on iPhone.png

And you, how often do you think you can use this tip?

Let me know in the comments below!

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