10 Gift ideas for Apple device owners in 2018

2019 is approaching fast and if you’re still on the lookout for an original gift this Holiday Season, you’ll love this article.

I’ve handpicked accessories for the Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods, as well as some Apple devices and something original (it’s the last one).

Full disclosure, the Amazon links below have my affiliate code in them.

This means that if you purchase an item through these links, I’ll get a small affiliate commission (usually a couple of percents of the selling price).

#1: iTunes Store Gift card

iTunes Gift Card.png

Did you know that you can electronically offer credits to purchase apps, music, movies or TV series?

Those credits are redeemable on any of Apple’s digital goods’ stores: iTunes Store, iOS App Store, iBook Store, Mac App Store, etc…

And whether the recipient has an iPhone, iPad, Mac or even Windows PC.

And you can even choose the date when to send the gift electronically!

You can buy it through iTunes and here’s the direct link:

#2: SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Type C


It’s a USB key with a twist: it has both the old USB-A and the new USB-C connectors.

This is perfect for people who just bought a new MacBook, don’t have a USB-C to USB-A adapter and don’t use the cloud very much.

This little gadget solves the problem of transferring files between their new MacBook and older Macs or Windows PC.

It’s available in versions from 16GB up to 256GB.

Here are links to Amazon for the 64 GB version:

#3: AirSnap for AirPods


If you’re like me, the AirPods charging case is all over the place: on my desk, in my pocket, in my bag and so on.

AirSnap is from the company Twelve South which I love.

It’s a leather case that protects the AirPods case and that you can attach to a keychain or a bag.

It’s available in 3 colours: brown, blue and black.

And it even has a hole at the bottom to plug the charging cable.

Retail prices are $29,99 in the US and €34,99 in Europe.

Here are links to Amazon:

#4: PlugBug Duo Travel Charger

PlugBug Duo.png

Another gadget from Twelve South.

The PlugBug Duo is a 2.1 amp wall charger with two usb ports, so you can charge an iPhone and Apple watch.

Wait, it’s even better, the PlugBug Duo fits onto an Apple MacBook charger from which you have removed the original pins.

That way, you can charge a MacBook and two other devices from a single outlet.

And it comes with 5 international adapters too:

PlugBug World adapters.jpeg

Retail price are $49,99 in the US and €54,99 in Europe but you can find it on Amazon US for $39,99.

Here are the links to Amazon:

#5: HiRise Duet


The third and last gadget from Twelve South.

The HiRise duet is a charging dock for iPhone that can also charge an Apple Watch underneath it.

With just one cable, you can charge both devices.

It’s an elegant solution to declutter a desk or make space on a bedside table.

Retail prices are $139,99 in the US and €149 in Europe but you can find them cheaper on Amazon.

Here are the links to Amazon:

#6: Kodak Instant Photo Printer


Remember when we used to get our photos printed?

Well, Kodak has a solution for iPhone owners who don’t have the time to go to the mall or to a print shop.

The Instant Photo Printer is a charging dock that prints 4 by 6 inch or 10 by 15 centimetre photos.

You plug the iPhone into the dock, open the Kodak app and print pictures.

All models have a USB port, so you can also plug a DSLR or a USB key with pictures on it.

And some models are compatible with both Android and iPhone via an adapter.

Retail prices are $139.99 in the US and €149 in Europe but you can find it cheaper on the french Amazon site.

Here are the links to Amazon:

#7: 4th Gen Apple TV

apple-tv-gallery1-201709 800px.jpeg

I personally have two Apple TVs, the 3rd Gen and the 4th Gen.

The number 1 feature that an Apple TV provides is AirPlay.

It's the ability to wirelessly mirror an iPhone, iPad or even another Mac screen on your TV.

The reason why I recommend the 4th Gen though, is because it has an app store.

This means that there are much more apps available than on the previous models, and by that I mean, mostly games.

Now, the 4th Gen Apple TV comes in two flavours: the 1080p and the 4K

Unless you have a 4K TV and your Internet connexion is going through Fiber, I'd say that the 1080p version is enough at the moment.

The 1080p version is around 149 in both US dollars and British pounds and around 159 euros in Europe.

Link to Apple’s Web site:

#8: Apple AirPods


If you know me well, there's no surprise that I picked the AirPods as a Holiday Gift.

For people who have an iPhone and either make a lot of calls or listen to podcasts or music a lot, the AirPods are delightful.

The pairing process is seamless and they come with a charging case, which means they have a lot of autonomy.

In addition to sounding great, you can double-tap on them to take and end phone calls.

And you can even configure the double-tap differently between the left and right ear, like pausing the music or invoking Siri.

Everyone I recommended the AirPods to who finally bought them are so happy with my recommendation.

They cost 159 US dollars and British pounds and in Europe they're around 179 euros.

Link to Apple’s Web site: https://www.apple.com/airpods

#9: Apple Watch


Earlier in 2018, I finally switched from a Fitbit Charge 2 to the Series 3 Nike+ Apple Watch.

What a game changer it has been for me in terms of productivity by further reducing the distractions while still being connected to the world.

I also love the fact that it helps me be more conscious about how much I move during the day.

And it’s so easy to take quick phone calls from my wife, directly from the Apple Watch.

In September this year (2018), Apple released the Series 4 Apple Watch.

It's slightly bigger in size but there much more screen real estate, so it's significantly more readable and there are new watch faces with more complications on them.

And they have introduced new features like automatic fall detection and a built-in electro cardiogram.

Unfortunately, the EKG as they call it is only available for US customers.

The good news is that Apple continues to sell the Series 3 but at a lower price so it's a great option for teenagers for instance.

Talking about the Series 3, it start at 279 US dollars and British pounds or 299 euros.

The Series 4 without cellular starts at 399 US dollars and British pounds or 429 euros and you just add 100 to the price to get the cellular option.

Link to Apple’s Web site: https://www.apple.com/watch

#10: Apple Coaching Voucher


Last but not least, what about offering the gift of Apple knowledge and expertise?

Yes, ok, it's a shameless self-promotion.

But hey, it can be useful for people who are struggling to make the most out of their Apple devices.

So what is it exactly ?

It's a personalised Apple coaching session that takes place remotely via phone and screen sharing.

During a session, I can:

  • answer burning questions

  • help someone choose their next Apple device

  • provide tips & tricks to better use their device

A gift voucher is valid for 12 months and starts at 100€ for an hour of high value Apple coaching.

Here the link to EasyTECH’s Web site: https://easyte.ch/2018-gift-voucher

And you, what do you plan to offer this Holiday season?

Did any of the gifts listed here catch your eye, and if so which one(s)?

If you have other recommendations, please leave a comment below. 

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